Tax Law

• Tax liability assessment and management

• Legal advice specifically directed to the legislation related to PIS (Employees’ Profit Participation Program), COFINS (Contribution for Social Security Financing), SIMPLES NACIONAL (Federal Simplified Tax System for Small Businesses), IPI (Tax on Manufactured Products), ICMS (Brazilian VAT equivalent), ISS (Municipal Services Tax), INSS (National Institute of Social Security Funding Contribution); analysis and information about tax operations and applicable legal procedures, providing effective tax support.

• Legal advice and monitoring of Tax Audits

• Studies about tax law and any other tax-related subjects

• Preparation of Administrative and Judicial Defenses

• Preparation of Legal Opinions, tax and tax planning legal advice to provide lawful tax savings to the Client under the tax laws in force

• Legal advice related to the grant of a tax installment payment plan by the Tax Authorities