Structured Operations

• Planning and implementation of corporate reorganizations and structured corporate operations involving mergers, incorporations, split-ups, merger of shares and assets, corporate transformations

• Overall legal advice in operations related to the acquisition or disposal of equity or relevant assets, goodwill, business facilities and other disposals of ongoing concerns, from a legal, contractual, corporate, tax and cost-effective view.

• Preparation and negotiation of contracts and other documents representative of the structured operations, such as the acquisition or disposal of equity, assets and business facilities, opening of escrow accounts, security interest instruments, shareholders’ agreements, investment agreements, quotaholders’ agreements

• Understandings and joint work with financial advisers and auditors hired by the clients or their counterparts to structure and implement corporate operations, including joint ventures, consortiums, mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

• Legal advice to Private Equity and Venture Capital investors and managers, and to the companies receiving such investments, negotiating and preparing investment documents (investment agreement, issuance of convertible debentures, debenture subscription, equity acquisition, shareholders’ agreement and other usual documents in such transactions.)